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CTE Program Improvement GRANT

The Foundation for Applied Technical Education, Inc. (FATE) is a nonprofit organization committed to improving student achievement and experiences for the Career and Technical Education programs in Fairfax County Public schools.  FATE sponsors the CTE Program Improvement Grants to encourage educators to identify and develop solutions to educational challenges.


Any CTE program teacher (regular

education) of Fairfax County Public Schools

is eligible to apply for funding from FATE.

Collaboration is encouraged; applicants may

apply individually or as team members.

Proposed projects may benefit individual

classrooms, an entire school, a region or

group of schools, or the school division.

Applications for continuation of current grants will be considered once the current grant has expired and the final grant report has been submitted and accepted.


The FATE CTE Program Improvement Grants program seeks to support the broader CTE improvement agenda. Successful applications will incorporate elements of school improvement which directly impact student achievement.

                                                                            FATE is interested in funding innovative projects and ideas;
                                                                            projects that challenge learners to think at higher levels, are
                                                                            cross-curricular, are learner-centered, and that achieve
                                                                            outcomes effectively and imaginatively.

                                                                            CTE Program Improvement Grants shall not exceed
                                                                            $10,000 in financial request from FATE.  Requests that
                                                                             exceed the $10,000 limit and include matching dollars from other organization/s will be considered (within the $10,000 FATE contribution cap).  Preference will be given to program improvements that maximize financial reach of the CTE Program Improvement Program.


FATE seeks innovative projects that challenge students to excel personally and academically, particularly those that are designed to “close the achievement gap.” FATE recognizes that many strategies may be employed to accomplish this goal, including those that address family involvement, staff development, student learning, and school-to-business/community partnerships. Most favorable consideration will be given to those projects that have specific performance or outcome measures and can be replicated.

"The addition of the ambulance totally makes the training of an EMT possible - for me, being able to learn and work on our ambulance better prepares me for a position at a fire station." -Current Fire/EMS student

"I am excited to run it for fourth quarter because it is a good way to practice the entrepreneurial skills that I have learned."

-Alle, past assistant manager of Purple Express

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