Entrepreneurship provides students opportunities for learning small business ownership skills. Students experience the process of developing, financing, and marketing a new product or service through an interactive curriculum.

About FATE


The RCS Program allows students to work in many areas and stages of construction, through which they develop skills in framing, estimating, foundations, trim, masonry, plumbing, electrical
work, dry walling, inspections, and finishing.

The SAS Program provides a hands-on experience for students in both automotive technology and automotive collision service programs. Students refurbish used vehicles that have been donated by the community for resale to the general public.

Residential Construction Program


In 1970, Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) called on its business and professional community for assistance in providing a unique, comprehensive educational program that would develop “in-demand” vocational skills for participating high school students.  In addition, an entrepreneurial component was integrated to better prepare students for a successful transition into the workplace.  The result was the formation of a partnership in 1971 known as the Fairfax County Vocational Education Foundation, Inc. (FAXVO).  In 1991, the name was amended to the Foundation for Applied Technical Education, Inc. (FATE).

Today, the Foundation consists of representatives from a wide range of business and professional organizations dedicated to providing resources, support, and career opportunities to students enrolled in Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs.  The FATE-sponsored CTE instructional programs facilitate active student learning through the use of contextual teaching whereby students discover meaningful relationships between abstract ideas and practical applications in the context of the real world.  Furthermore, student risk-taking in collaborative learning environments and participation in work-based learning are reinforced.

Students are encouraged to become thoughtful, self-directed, life-long learners with a strong commitment to becoming participative members of society and the workforce.  Programs in include:

  • Spring Village Residential Construction program;
  • Virginia’s first licensed used car auto dealership at Marshall High School Academy (Student Auto Sales, SAS);
  • Entrepreneurship

Through these programs, business partnerships, scholarships, and other initiatives, the Foundation aspires to enable students to acquire industry-valued occupational and employability skills, confidence to pursue post secondary education, and broad-based global thinking that will propel them into successful careers.  FATE will continue its journey to explore and search for new and innovative ways to establish educational environments that enhance student learning and therefore become a vital component of a comprehensive educational program.