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residential construction program (rcs)

The Spring Village Residential Construction Site is a unique, community-based, construction technologies program in Fairfax County. This construction site, located in Springfield, Virginia, provides students with the opportunity to build single-family homes in a residential community. Students receive classroom instruction on-site and apply their knowledge directly to the house under construction. In addition, students gain valuable experience and knowledge about the construction industry as they work closely with various sub-constructors in specific trade areas.

Previously known as the Spring Hill Residential

Construction Site located in McLean, Virginia, the

Residential Construction Site Program completed

sixteen single family homes in the Condon Manor I & II

development. The homes ranged in size from 2,800 sq. ft.

to greater than 6,300 sq. ft. with sale prices starting at

$180,000 in the 1970’s and topping 2.1 million in 2005. 

A groundbreaking ceremony was held in June 2006

to officially kick off the new project known as Spring

Village Estates. Spring Village Estates will be a community

of 18 single family homes built in partnership between FATE,

FCPS, and construction industry leaders helping

students realize their career goals in the construction industry. The new site is located at the intersection of the Franconia-Springfield Parkway and Spring Village Drive.

spring village estates development

The 2006 summer program helped to complete the transition to Spring Village by setting up the office and classroom trailers, in addition to building a deck as a staging area and putting a fence up around trailers.

The 06-07 students helped with the foundation forms, and then learned how to layout the "ground work" (first step in the plumbing installation) for the first home at Spring Village, working alongside industry professionals.

Another first was for the framing to be installed utilizing a "framing package". By using panelized walls and a TGI flooring system, the students were exposed to a more modern, industry-accepted way of framing the house. They also had the opportunity to stick frame the interior non-load-bearing walls.

The summer class of 2007 accomplished the goals that were set, framing the interior second floor walls and installing all of the windows and exterior doors. All in all, the 2007 school year finished on a high note meeting the expected goals.

                                                                        By February 2010, the students had completed all of the
                                                                        construction elements of the first lot in Spring Village Estates
                                                                        and had completed the site work and setup of the first court in
                                                                        the neighborhood.  The home was listed and went under
                                                                        contract within two months. The sale price for Lot 1 was
                                                                        $750,000 for a 3,600 s.q. f.t. home on just under half an

                                                                         Students began work on Lot 2 in September 2009, and
                                                                         worked side by side with Lot 1 learning about rough
                                                                         carpentry followed by finish carpentry as they worked
                                                                         between the two houses under construction.  After the sale of Lot 1, the students quickly focused their attention to Lot 2 and completed the home in the winter of 2011.  The home was listed in March for $775,000 and subsequently sold for that listing price in July 2011. 

Students similarly constructed and completed Lot 3 in winter 2012, Lot 4 in winter 2013, and lot Lot 5 in winter 2014. The homes respectively sold for $774,500 in July 2012, $815,000 in July 2013, and $849,900 in August 2014. 

The current construction model has two homes under construction so that students are able to see all aspects of residential construction in a school year.  One of the homes will be in rough carpentry while the second home will be in finish carpentry. This model provides the students the opportunity to move between the two phases while being able to be a part of the entire construction process. One day the students are framing a while and the next they are trimming out the closet in the house next door. The students are able to draw direct connections from what they learn and understand that each aspect of home construction is reliant on the previous step. 

Lot 6 has recently been completed and will be listed on the market in July 2015. The house has a total of 5,400 s.q. f.t. and will be listed at $885,000. Work is currently being done to complete Lot 7 with an expected listing date for Spring 2016.